Working along side her, I repeatedly get to witness her interactions with the bride, groom and families involved on the biggest day of their lives. It never ceases to amaze me just how prepared, professional and involved she is. Never slowing down, even when going on hour 13 of shooting. I watch her take on numerous roles - photographer, videographer, wedding coordinator, stylist, chauffeur, problem solver, friends and all around wedding godmother, if you will. I watch her anticipate each portion of the day before it unfolds, constantly planning and re-planning as needed. My favorite is watching how she loves on her brides and their grooms. She puts her entire being into it, going out of her way to ensure that they have private moments, breaks and of course the photos that mean the most to them, no matter how crazy the day can be. Right down to praying for them and their life together before it begins. I genuinely wish that experience on every bride and groom on their wedding day. ~Alysha Sanford

Being a plus size mom, of course I was hesitant to be photographed! Angela made my spouse and myself feel completely at ease. Not once did I feel self conscious. To top things off the images she produced were better than I could have dreamed. Showing me that no matter your size, you can still look beautiful thru the lens of a true artist. Thank you Angela for giving my self esteem back! ~Chelsea Gibbons

I have had both the unique opportunity to work with Angela at Angela Chenoweth Photography as both a "bride" (for my vow renewal) and as an assisting photographer at over 100 of her weddings now. I could talk about her obviously beautiful photography, but I want to share more about the behind the scenes - all of the work going into your photographs you proudly display on your wall.